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What Does...

'Elite Coaching'

Mean To You...?

From: Brian Niederhaus
Where: San Antonio, Texas
...It means that your paycheck is going to EXPLODE over the next 120 days! 

The other day, I spoke to Dani for quite some time (this never happens, BTW) about home business and her inspiration around our industry. She was sharing how much she wants to help people through the current mess and what is coming our way over the next several months, or even longer. 

She passionately wants to help you make a ton of money. I mean like 6, or even, 7 figures THIS YEAR.
I haven’t heard her say these things in a VERY long time, and the last time she did, she helped a bunch of people hit six figures in just a few months. 

Over the last 27 years working with Dani, I have seen it happen many times and I can tell you this is no joke!

Here's the catch, you have to do your part. 

Dani says "You carry your 50 bricks and I'll carry mine." You see, this is not some "recruit 10 people in the next 30 days" blitz or hype pitch. Nope, this is her entire long-term professional business building system...dropped in your lap. 

So, do you think you can pick it up and run with it? If you knew ALL of Dani's secrets AND you had access to Dani for 3 MONTHS to ask any question, what could stop you, right? 

There is a bunch of other support and resource we will provide, as well, and you can scroll down and find the list. But what is different about this, is access to Dani and the focus on your business. 

This. Never. Happens.

This system is not on trial, nor is Dani's track record. For decades Dani's has been generating outrageous success stories and yours could be next. 

The real question is are you willing to pick up your 50 bricks and work along side of Dani? 

If you said YES!  Then, let's get busy! 

So, Here's How This is Going to Work...

First, mark your calendar!
All Coaching Sessions will take place at 7:00 – 8:30 pm CT. These coaching sessions will take place via a phone conference call. The topics will be based on the questions YOU submit. There will be an opportunity to be on live with Dani, as well! 

Coaching Session #1 BONUS -  Wednesday, April 29 
Coaching Session #2  - Tuesday, May 12 
Coaching Session #3  - Tuesday, May 26 
Coaching Session #4  - Tuesday, June 9 
Coaching Session #5  - Tuesday, June 23 
Coaching Session #6  - Tuesday, July 7 
Coaching Session #7  - Tuesday, July 21 

Next, plug into ALL of Dani Johnson’s 
Home Business Library!

Total Value: $2557


Plug into our PRO Member Facebook group

We will get you plugged into our PRO Member Facebook group full of highly dedicated home business entrepreneurs who are implementing Dani's system into their businesses. 

You'll have the chance to interact with everyone, ask questions, get updates and participate in additional live weekly training.  

Connect directly
with Brian Niederhaus

I will send you my personal cell number and we can connect via the Marco Polo app any time you have a question or need some guidance!
The Marco Polo app allows us to send each other video voice mail messages that we can respond to at any time. It is a super fun tool to stay connected and still maintain our daily schedules.

I will act as your guide through this entire program. 

All of this for just $297!

Here's What To Do Next...

From here it's just finalizing the details. Click on the button below and create your account, then we can get started!    

I’m excited to get a chance to work together.

Talk soon,

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